A Fully Verified Live bidding auction with Proxy Bidding.

How Properties Are Sold

The aim of property bids is to get you the best possible price.

Each property is different and an exact market is often difficult to determine.

Using www.property-bids.com with our extensive main stream advertising, your property will be advertised to an international open market with no ceiling price point.

www.property-bids.co.uk , for The Whole UK market including Channel Islands, www.property-bids.eu for The whole of European Market, www.property-bids.com for the most of the international market including, Hong Kong, United States and others. In a chosen time suitable time. A successful winning bid will be achieved; you will have a buyer that has committed financially to your property.

Both the Buyer and Seller will be verified and identified before bidding starts.

Best of all it’s FREE to sell*

You set the RESERVE, it won’t sell for anything less*

So how does our system work & what are the FAQ's

It's FREE to sell, pay NO Estate Agency or Auctions Fees*

Our Sellers pay no sale fees to sell a property through our Auction* the price that your property sells for is the amount you receive 100%!! The only additional expenses that need to be considered are for the property EPC (legal requirement), sellers pack (optional). And solicitor’s sale fees. If you don’t have the above already in place, we can provide you with a competitive quote. And solicitor’s sale fees. If you don’t have the above already in place, we can provide you with a competitive quote.

Sellers Guide to Property Auctions

Whether you are looking to sell a residential property, commercial building or a parcel of land, our online sales system has been tailor made to get you the best possible price in just the discretionary time period you set. After that a live auction will take place on a set date and time, depending on the geographical location the property is in. The live auction will be a virtual entirely website based auction room with live bidding. The fall of the hammer will determine the final price of the property.

Some properties take months, even years to sell and some just don’t sell at all. Often in today’s property climate the longer a property remains on the market, the more money you could potentially lose.

Most properties are unique and an exact marketing price or the true value is near on impossible to ascertain. Using our online sales system and with our extensive advertising campaigns, your property will be on show to the whole open market with no ceiling price point, it’s true market value can then be achieved.

We have developed the ideal online sales solution, in a discretionary period of time you will know exactly what your property is worth and on gaining a successful winning bid; you will have a buyer that has committed financially to your property.

Set Exchange & Completion Deadlines

When the auction closes and after the live auction, the agreed winning bidder on your property will then have the right to an exclusivity timescale of 28 days to unconditionally exchange contracts and a further 28 days to complete the transaction.

Non-Refundable Buyer's Exclusivity Fee

When the auction closes your buyer will then be required to pay a non-refundable Exclusivity Fee. This gives you confidence that the buyer has financially committed to the purchase and gives them the right to an exclusivity period of 28 days to unconditionally exchange contracts.

Get the BEST PRICE for your property at Auction

Auctions are extremely popular for selling property, achieving speed of transaction and the best possible price/true value in the current market. As the reserve price is pre-set by yourself, it won’t sell for anything less and remember it’s completely FREE to try.*

Property-bids.com Auction

www.property-bids.co.uk is for the UK, Northern Ireland, and Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar and other UK dependencies. www.property-bids.eu , is for The Whole European Area, including Ireland. www.property-bids.com is the main Global website which will include USA, Australia, Middle East, Asia and other accessible areas in the world. E.g. Japan, China and Indonesia. www.property-bids.com offers buyers an online auction service 24/7, 365 days a year, with the convenience that can be accessed from a computer, tablet and a mobile and with mobile phone APP. Available on iPhone and Android.

This takes out most of the pressure of attending an auction house for an entire day and making rushed bid decisions in seconds in the hectic room environment. Many people who may be interested and cannot physically attended due to unforeseen circumstances. They then don’t attend, or bid as it’s not convenient and requires immediate finance to exchange on the day.

www.property-bids.com is accessible globally and for a wider audience, therefore giving you a better opportunity for more interest and potentially more bids, which should equate to a higher sale price being achieved.

All properties are listed on the site for discretionary amounts of fixed days and at any point during this time approved registered buyers can place a bid on your property. At the end of the auction, (the second part of live phase) if the bid is on or above the reserve figure set by you, then the property becomes sold subject to contract. If the reserve price isn’t achieved then we will discuss the best bid in place and see if a deal can still be agreed or the next strategy to get you sold. This may be listed as a “Buy it now” scheme and can be a discretionary item placed at beginning of the auction. This will then direct the sale to Rehmaniscent Properties Limited Estate agency terms and condition. Mainly being www.property-sells.com

Is my reserve disclosed?

All properties unless stated, are sold with an “undisclosed” reserve price which has been pre agreed in writing with you the seller. The only prices that a buyer can view, is the original starting price and the current highest bid.

What is a Sellers Pack?

This pack gives potential buyers important legal information about your property prior to bidding. Thus enabling them to make a better informed decision, the pack may include land registry copies of the Title, local, water and mining searches, plans and lease documents; these will then be passed to the successful buyer free of charge.

If I receive a bid on my property is it legally binding?

As this is an auction, the acceptable winning bid legally binds the buyer to pay a non-refundable deposit, either through our payment system and PayPal or via a solicitor or a bank transfer directly to Rehmaniscent Properties Limited. . It then reserves the buyer the right to a discretionary period of 28 days from the bid being accepted, to unconditionally exchange contracts on the property at the agreed price. The non-refundable deposit is part of the agreed price. All commissions and fees due shall be paid either from solicitors or from the buyer as the final price will include a buyer’s premium fee. This is at 1% for all Residential Properties excluding VAT.

Is the Property on sale with an Estate Agent?

Yes that’s is OK, It will be then based on who sells the property first and any terms and conditions set by the estate agents for the seller, will not be Rehmaniscent Properties Limited concern. We will be happy to work with you and your chosen estate agent and we would welcome the opportunity to speak to them on your behalf or of course with yourself direct.

Property Marketing Services

If you are currently on the market with an estate agent, then you will have most if not all of the property marketing in place. We would then liaise directly with yourself and your nominated estate agent, to transfer all the relevant data over to us.

It is rare that estate agents can offer bespoke marketing services like ourselves, so if you would like to add additional marketing services, then please do not hesitate to ask us and we will arrange the upgrades.

If you are not currently on the market or do not wish to continue with your current estate agent, then we can tailor make from scratch your exact marketing requirements. This would be carried out with one of our property specialists, who in one visit to your property can complete the EPC, Floor Plans, Photographs and Property Details. Thus saving your time and speeding up the process to get you live on the auction site, typically this is within 7 working days from your initial instruction.

I am ready to sell my property with www.property-bids.com

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